Technical Support by Competent and Trained Mac Professionals:

Apple, one of the most reputed brands in the market for electronic products. One of its most premium product is the Apple Mac. Unparalleled in technology, the Mac from Apple is well equipped with a long list of exceptional features that make I the first choice in laptops. Besides Laptops, there are the MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, and the iMac. The Mac is superior to the PC and that is why most professionals prefer using the Mac rather than the PC for their professional use. Though the Mac is such a highly advanced range of products, there are some issues that the devices face, which is very conveniently resolved by the Mac tech support team. The Mac users need to contact the Mac support phone number and talk to the experts receiving the call. They instantly resolve all the issues via the Mac number

Contact The Mac Support Phone Number for Instant Solutions:

One of the most powerful laptops, the MacBook is thinner in size than other laptops and is also very lightweight. Both these features make it extremely handy to carry around, especially for professionals who travel a lot. The Mac products are of very superior quality and does not need regular maintenance, but at times it may face problems. The Mac user is then required to contact the Mac phone number and talk to the expert available at the number and explain the problem. Another option that the Mac user can utilize is that they can get in touch with the Mac helpline where Apple provides free support and service for Mac issues. Alternatively, the Mac user can also make use of the Mac Support Chat facility.

Procedure to Sync Contacts from Mac with the Help of MobiMover:

The Mobimover Software is a tool for iOS data transfer, through which, the users are able to sync the contact from their iPhone to their Mac Devices. In case the Mac user needs to know more about the software, it is advised that they contact the Apple Mac support number talk to a technical expert. However, for the benefit of the users, we at Router Support Number have provided here, a step-by-step procedure which can be easily followed by the Mac user, and they can contact the Mac Helpline only if they are not able to resolve their issues in using the Mobimover software with the help of these procedures.

The procedure to use the Mobimover include:

  1. Visit the website for MobiMover from where the software can be downloaded on to the Mac device.
  2. To ensure a smooth process to sync, the user must use the latest ve3rsion of the iTunes.
  3. With the help of a USB cable connect the iPhone to the Mac computer to launch the MobiMover.
  4. The MobiMover helps to transfer the contacts in two ways:
  5. Select Transfer to Computer to sync all the contacts at one go, and wait until all the contacts from the iPhone are transferred into the Mac
  6. Select Custom to transfer selected contacts from the iPhone to mac, then select Contacts and wait until the contacts are transferred.
  7. Tap on the three dots within the Mac icon to choose the folder into which you want to save all the Contacts, which are to be transferred from the iPhone to the Mac.
  8. Launch the syncing of contacts from the iPhone to the Mac by clicking on “Transfer”
  9. When the transfer is complete, the user may check on the contacts by tapping on “View”
  10. The procedure is now complete, if all the contacts have been successfully transferred. However, if there is some confusion or the user has been unsuccessful in the transfer, they can call the Mac phone number or talk to an expert on the Mac support chat facility and get the help required.

One factor that the users need to keep in mind is that when they plan to talk to the official Apple Mac support number, they should be free to answer all the queries asked by the Apple representative so that they understand the problem and resolve the issue.  But if the user is in a hurry to resolve the issue, they can call the third-party Mac tech support, which can be reached through the toll –free number provided in these pages.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Mac?

The transfer for contacts from the iPhone to Mac, is a fairly simple process and most Mac users can handle the transfer on their own. In case of any problem they can also follow the step-by – step procedure given below to transfer the contacts from the iPhone to the Mac. The steps are:

  1. With the help of a USB cable connect the iPhone to the Mac computer
  2. Wait for the iTunes to recognize the iPhone that it is connected to.
  3. Tap the iPhone icon when the iPhone is seen in the “Devices” section located in the left of the iTunes,
  4. Look for the info” tab located on the top of the iTunes screen and tap on it.
  5. A screen is seen offering the option for the management of iPhone contacts.
  6. Check on the option “Sync Address Book Contacts.”
  7. Select option “All Contacts” to sync all the contacts or select “Selected Contacts” to sync certain contacts, in which case the user must select the contact to be transferred to the Mac.
  8. Once the “Sync” button is tapped  the iPhone contacts will be transferred to the Address application on Mac.
  9. In case an additional option has been selected, the contacts will then be automatically appended to the Google or Yahoo Account.

Though in normal cases these procedures usually help the user to transfer the contacts, in case of any other issue, the user may contact the Apple Mac support number to talk to a Mac customer support

Turning the Phone Number On / Off on the Mac:

The users might find the need to turn the phone number on or off on the Mac but there is a procedure to do so. The user may either follow the following procedures or contact the Mac technical support to request for the service of the expert professionals. When the phone numbers are set up, they can be turned on/off for FaceTime and for Messages on the computer.,

The steps in the procedure to Turn on / off the phone numbers on Mac include:

  1. The user can either launch FaceTime or Messages on Mac and set up an account, or they can log in with their Apple ID, which they had been using for FaceTime and Messages on their iPhone.
  2. Select messages > select Preference > Tap on Accounts > Select iMessage Account
  3. Follow similar procedure as above for FaceTime. Select FaceTime > select Preference > Tap on Settings
  4. Turn the Phone Number On / Off
  5. To Turn the phone number On Selects it and then select the Apple ID in the list. Deselect in the list to turn Off.
  6. If the user wants to conceal the Apple ID from the recipients, and reveal the Phone number alone, then in the pop up menu that shows up, choose, “Start new Calls from” & “Start new conversations from.”
  7. This ends the procedure.

Add the Phone Number to iMessage on Mac:

Though the step by step procedure to add the phone number to IMessage on Mac is given below, if the users find it difficult to follow it, they can call the Mac support phone number. It is best to try out the following procedure before contacting the Mac helpline.

The procedures are:

  1. Launch Settings, Select Messages, (Make sure that the iMessages are turned On)
  2. The user must wait for a few seconds before it is activated.
  3. Click Send and Receive
  4. In case a message pops up saying “Use Apple ID for iMessage,” then the user must login using the Apple ID, which matches the one used on the Mac.
  5. A message shows up saying” You can be reached,”.
  6. Ensure that the phone number for Apple ID is checked.
  7. Visit Settings, the click on Face Time and repeat the above steps.
  8. Recently included phone numbers may be turned On.
  9. The process to add the phone numbers to iMessage is now finished.

If the user faces any issue in completing the above process, they can get in touch with Mac help desk. If they do not prefer calling up the Apple Mac support number, they can use the Mac support chat and get the required help from the technical experts. However, if the user prefers to get immediate attention, they can get assistance from the 3 -party Mac helpline. Alternatively, the users can call the toll –free number provided on the pages of this website and get in touch with the 3 -party Mac tech support for problems faced in all the above procedures.