A reputed company providing equipment for networking, D-Link Corporation manufactures a wide range of electronic devices like Wi-Fi routers, switches, smart security camera and many other related products. All information and guidance to use these products are provided by the D-Link customer support team available at the various Dlink support number, which is provided via the Indie Dlink Support Phone Number

Dlink Support Phone Number Services:

A number of services are provided by the Dlink Support Phone Number and these services are offered via online chat, by telephone and by email. Any issue or problem faced by the customer is instantly resolved by the highly competent team of technical professions. The Dlink tech support number offers not only information regarding the features and benefits of the productions but also its specification in case the user would like to know. Moreover, the tech team also offers guidance and assistance to the customer for problems in set-up or installation of the various D-Link products. To gain more information, the customer may visit the official website of D-Link or by dialing the Dlink customer support team. Which offers all help that the customer needs. Apart from the above mentioned phone numbers, the customer can also call us to be connected to the 3rd party d-link customer support. The executive available on this number will answer all the queries by the customer and also help the customer resolve all issues.

The executive attending to the customer who has called the Dlink tech support phone number, will help the customer to configure the settings of the router through the process of d-link router setup.

Some of the usual queries that most customer ask include:

How to Setup the Dlink Router?

To configure the router through the D-Link setup the customer must follow these steps:

  • The username and password “PPPoE” is used for the connection
  • The router must be connected to the AC supply
  • Connect to the internet modem using the router’s Ethernet cable
  • Wait for a few seconds until a yellow light blinks
  • Connect the Laptop and the router using a LAN cable
  • Open the internet browser. Enter the server IP “” into the address space.
  • A new page opens where the username and password must be entered. As default, the password “Admin” must be entered.
  • Clink on “Next” when a command box opens up from the D-Link Setup. This procedure is for first time setup only.
  • In case the router has already been configured, then you need to reboot the router.
  • The router then scans the internet server after which the next step needs to be followed.

The Next step is (required only for first time connections):

  • The username and password that was provided by the internet service provider is entered and then click “Next”
  • Create a personal profile by entering the Wi-Fi Network Name” and “Wi-Fi password” on their specific spaces provided.
  • Secure the router configuration settings by entering a new password.
  • Choose the appropriate time zone and then click “Next”
  • Click “Save”, when the wireless internet connection appears on the screen.
  • The router will reboot automatically.
  • If issues continue to persist, then it is recommended that the router be rebooted. This can be easily done by pressing on the button located at the back of the router.

Generally, all these steps are sufficient to help the customer configure the setting of the system through the -link wireless router setup.

To set up the D-link router, the customer can make use of the assistance offered by the professionals attending the d-link customer service number. They guides the customer through the procedure of the D-Link router through the D-Link router setup. To avail the Dlink router technical support phone number, the customer may call the Toll – Free number that connects them to the 3rd party Dlink router support team.

How to Setup the Dlink Dir 655 Router?

For most users, configuring the router to its D-link dir 655 setup is a big hassle and hence to avoid these hassles, it is best to call the Dlink tech support number and avail the help offered by the highly competent professionals.

However, the customer can follow these simple guidelines given below before calling the Dlink support number.

Follow the steps for the configuration of the Dlink router setup:

  • Remove the AC supply from both the router and the modem
  • Through LAN cable connect the D-link dir 655 router to the laptop
  • Connect the modem to the D-link dir 655 router
  • Reconnect the AC supply to bot the router and the modem
  • Now repeat the steps mentioned in the setup of the Dlink Router.
  • Despite having followed the guidelines offered by the Dlink router support team, the customer is still not able get the DLink to work, then it is best to then it is recommended that the router be rebooted.

How to Setup the Dlink Dir 615 Router?

The D-link dir 615 users often find that their D-Link Router does not work even though it is connected to the internet modem. In such instances, it is best to call the Dlink customer service. Usually, it is found that such problems occur when the wizard setup Is outdated. To update the wizard setup, the customer can call the toll free number available in our website at router-support-number.

The d-link customer support executive will offer a step –by –step guidance that are given below:

  1. Enter the Server IP number “” into the address space after opening the web browser.
  2. Enter Username and password “Admin” which is the same by default unless it has been changed earlier.
  3. Click “Manual Internet Connection” found at the end of the screen.
  4. Enter the Open DNS Address “” in the “Primary DNS Server” space and the second DNS server field automatically is entered when the box is taping.
  5. The “Enable Advanced DNS” feature needs to be disabled to enable the above feature. By clicking “Save” all these above settings can be saved.


Once you forgot router password, you called for help, the customer service executive will transfer the call to a 3rd party Dlink router support team where the d-link customer support executive, who is available 24/7, all the year round, will take the customer through a step by step procedure so that the customer is able to set up the D-link dir 615 Router


How to setup D-link Wizard?

Setting up of the dlink wizard can be quite confusing for some users and to ensure smooth functioning, the user can call the dlink customer support team for proper guidance to configure the DLink setup wizard. The user can also configure the settings on the router by following the steps given below:

  • Disconnect the AC supply from the D-link router.
  • Connect the router through the LAN cable to a laptop.
  • Write “” in the address in the space provided for it after opening the internet browser.
  • The wizard will start its setup automatically if you the first time user of Dlink as the router will detect the internet connection.
  • The username and password needs to be entered in their respective boxes and in both
  • In case the router does not detect the internet connection, the user need to go through the process by clicking “Guide me through the internet connection settings.”
  • Click on the type of internet connection to select it before proceeding to the next step.
  • Now the customer needs to follow the same procedures that was followed in “How to setup d-link route”

In case the user finds it really difficult to connect, reset and forget router password they can avail the Dlink support number. To do so, the customer can call the toll free number which will connect the customer to the 3 party d-link customer support team, where expert guidance is offered to the customer.

How to Setup D-link Camera?

Many complaints have come through the Dlink router technical support phone number expressing inability to install the wireless camera, using the Dlink camera setup. However, before calling up the Dlink technical support team, it is best for the customer to follow a few steps that are given below:

  • First of all, use the camera setup wizard for the initial setup.
  • A blue light will start blinking wen the “WPS” button on the wireless camera is pressed for up to 4 seconds.
  • Press the WPS” button on the D-Link router within the minute of the blinking of the blue light starts.
  • Automatic configuring of the wireless camera settings begins.
  • The wireless network needs to be rebooted.
  • In case the user finds that the router does not have the WPS” button, then it needs to be activated through the internet.

For further help the customer can dial the Dlink customer service available when the Dlink phone number is dialed. The customer can get the Dlink support phone number though the toll free number. The executive who attends the call will transfer the customer to the 3rd party Dlink router support team who is available 24/7, all the year round to take the customer through a step by step procedure   to set up the Dlink camera.

Non- Functional Setup Wizard for Wireless Camera

If due to some reason the Setup wizard does not function, when installing the Dlink Wireless Camera, detailed help is offered by the Dlink router technical support phone number. However, to help the customer, some of these points may help in the setup of the Dlink camera.

  • Use an updated version of the wizard software. If it is not so then the outdated version of the wizard may be upgraded at the D-Link Website.
  • Possibility of having downloaded the wrong version of the wizard and to find this out check the camera model and if necessary reinstall it for the compatible version for setup of Dlink camera.
  • Make sure that the dlink setup permits “UPnP.”
  • The camera may remain undetected by the wizard is there is a problem with the hardware. To overcome this problem, the customer may call the Dlink router technical support phone number and consult with the Dlink customer service.

For continued inability in configuring the D-link Camera setup wizard through the setup for d-link camera, the customer can call the Dlink toll-free number to connect   to the 3rd party Dlink customer service by the available support executive available 24/7 all the year round.

In spite of following all the above procedures, the set up the D-Link Wizard does not happen, the customer can call up the dlink phone number, and all the guidelines are issued through the Dlink router setup.

Procedure to Reset Dlink Camera

In most cases, the problems faced by users in resetting the Dlink Camera occurs chiefly due to software that is outdated. Updating of the software for the Dlink Camera setup is the most common solution to this problem. However, even after updating, if the problem continues, the customer should dial the d-link support number and avail the technical assistance offered by the executives. Guidelines that suit the resetting of the system is offered via the d-link camera setup.

A few steps that the customer can follow to reset the Dlink camera include:

  1. Make sure that the power switch of the dlink camera is switched on.
  2. A reset pin located at the back of the camera needs to be reset.
  3. Keep pressing the reset pin for up to 3-4 seconds until the camera reboots.

If none of these solutions work it is best to call the d-link support number and avail the technical assistance offered by the competent professionals.

Stay Connected with D-link Baby Cameras

The D-link baby camera is generally used by many for security purposes, yet most people do not know how to install it. To help the customer some steps are provided here that include:

  • Firstly, My Dlink Account needs to be created on the official Dlink Website.
  • Login to the account and select “join my Dlink” available on the Home Page of the website.
  • Click on “Login” icon located on the left side
  • Create your my Dlink account on the website of Dlink.
  • Login to your my Dlink account and select “join my Dlink” from home page of the account.
  • Click on “Login” icon on the left side of the homepage.
  • Log-in to your “myDlink account” to add multiple cameras to your account,
  • Access all of these cameras at any time by logging into the myDlink account”
  • You may choose the camera to view remotely.

These steps is likely to help the user to connect the camera to their Dlink Account. Any problem in doing so is resolved by the 3rd party Dlink tech support phone number available 24/7.

Change WI-FI Network for MyDlink Baby Camera

All issues faced by the user in changing the Wi-Fi network for the MyDlink Baby camera is resolved by the highly competent Dlink support phone number. However, with some effort the user can switch the WIFI by following these steps that include:

  • Open the application myDlink baby
  • Click on the camera for which the WIFI network is required to be turned on.
  • Opt for the settings located at the top right corner
  • Choose the option “Wireless settings” and the setting expand.
  • Select the Wi-Fi network that you need changed.
  • Choose the new Wi-Fi network
  • Enter the password for the new network and click

Though these steps are likely to help you to switch the Wi-Fi network, in case of any difficulty the Dlink router technical support phone number may be called for help.


Concealing the Wi-Fi Name in Dlink Router?

A simple procedure to conceal the Wi-Fi password and make it secure is given below:

  • Once the browser is opened enter the IP Address “” into the space for the address
  • Log-in with the “username” and “password” created for the account.
  • Click on the option “Wireless Connection”
  • Check the box against the option “Enable Hidden Wireless.”
  • Click “Save” to save the settings

These simple steps, will help the user to hide Wi-Fi security details.


Resolving all the above Issues and Queries:

All of the above issues and problems are usually resolved with the help of the step by step guidance provide. However, all of the above queries are also answered in detail and the issue resolved by the d-link customer support executive guide the customer through the various procedures of the different functions mentioned above. To connect to the team, the customer may call up the Dlink tech support number. If the said number is not known to the customer or is not found, the customer can call the toll-free number, where the customer can avail the Dlink support phone number. The executive who attends the call will transfer the customer to the 3rd party Dlink router support team who is available 24/7, all the year round. Here the executive will help the customer in configuring the system settings which is done through the setup for d-link wireless router.